Hey its ya boy Mike in Orange County, CA and I am powerful because of rice


when your mom tells you to do the dishes


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if their c*m taste nasty and you don’t wanna swallow it spit it right back on them and tell them to eat some goddamn pineapple

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puppies in sweaters hee hee hee


puppy in sweater hoo hoo hoo


puppies in sweaters ha ha ha


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In light of recent allegations and accusations and basically exposures of tumblr users, a masterpost of sorts was collected

I realize that I have a part in some of these so I’m sorry if you feel this is biased but also like… shut up

i also know that

  • unfollovving
  • nikalos
  • hotboyfriend
  • earthdad

are pretty creepy as well but i dont have the posts

if you have anyone else to add feel free to link me and i will update this post as we go. or you could reblog it but i feel like it’s easier with just one post.

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and honestly I hate it when people say they can’t change like no you stubborn fool despite my religious catholic upbringing I admit I used to be a transphobic piece of shit and a sexist asshole teen but then one day I made the effort to find out what the impact of my actions were finally realized how much of a dick I was and I’m still learning and improving myself to this day but godamn I don’t know punctuation at all when I’m spurting my thoughts wow

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after getting myself educated on issues via tumblr I feel great as an individual but now it’s so hard for me to not judge new people I meet as well as reflect on old and current friends like how problematic is this person? do they support the core ideals of feminism? are they accepting of trans individuals? and etc then don’t even get me started on trying to take it a step further with finding someone to date ugh

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how the fuck do you not even have a spot for the powerful trans rights activist laverne cox when she was at number 1 at one point and had a much greater percentage of yes votes to her nos but let people like appropriation station Miley Cyrus who had shaky balance in the polls in

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The best headline I’ve ever seen

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Rhydon Pokemon